SQUAB is the work of graphic designer Tammy Yiu.

Her design process is founded on the classic pen-on-pad practice. Simple communication, concentrated talents, and new ideas; let's collaborate. 

Branding. Identity. Layout. Illustration. Digital. Web. Photography. Videography. Marketing. What can we help you with? E-mail us at hello@squab.ca

Some Clients

OSC Cross | Fresh City Farms | Tokyo Smoke | The Fix & Co. | Right To Play Canada | Outdoor Survival Canada | AGCO | BJI Fashion Group | Collab Co. | Messe Frankfurt USA | Inspirit Foundation | Royal Danish Consulate General | In Vintage We Trust | Warner Music Canada

Tammy Yiu, Graphic Designer

After embracing graphic design roles in the advertising world, Canadian fashion industry, and a gourmet bakery (!), Tammy founded SQUAB in 2009. Tammy’s broad experience in design in the arts and lifestyle industries lends a creative yet functional approach to the projects she leads. She adores handwritten notes, laying out spreads while listening to podcasts, and cooking. 

Fields of Focus: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography, Production

7 Questions

My ultimate comfort food is: Congee and rice noodles

If I got a dog tomorrow, I would name it: Africa

Favourite thing to listen to: 'The Signal' on CBC Radio 2

InDesign or Illustrator? If I absolutely had to choose – InDesign

Ice cream cone or ice cream sandwich? Ice cream sandwich. Unless you're talking about a waffle cone, then we have some big decisions to make.

I wish I had invented: The Internet, but have included a warning to people that it might ruin their lives.

Latest and greatest discovery: Fogo Island. Dream destination.




Tishan Baldeo, Photographer

Tishan Baldeo is a fashion commercial photographer from Queens, New York currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. Self-taught and motivated, his style is cinematic and contemporary. Following the passion for portraiture, he has worked to deliver both studio and location material to clients. Past clients include Western Union, Porsche,  the MS Society, OSC, and the Mexican tourist board. In his five years of professional experience, he has photographed various designers and has had his work showcased in numerous magazines.

Fields of Focus: Photography, Direction

7 Questions

Most people don’t know that I... talk in my sleep. Apparently, it’s hilarious. 

What advice did you get that was the most rewarding? Actions speak louder then words.

Ice cream cone or ice cream sandwich? Ice cream cone, waffle preferred.

Preferred tattoo style: Yakuza

I can't leave my house without: Chapstick

Batman or Superman? Batman. He’s more human.

The best place for creative inspiration: The movies and art galleries


Chris Kim, Digital Media Production Consultant

Chris Kim is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary designer with a strong affinity for a minimalist approach to digital media production. An advocate of the “less is more” philosophy, Chris seeks to produce universal and platform-independent solutions that are scalable, easily deployable, and cost-effective. An avid listener of jazz and bossa nova music, Chris finds inspiration from works of artists like Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and Piet Mondrian – and strives to achieve balance between form, function, and context.

Fields of Focus: Web Development, Digital Media, Motion Graphics, Information Architecture, Mobile Application

7 Questions

My ultimate comfort food is: French fries, gravy or not

If I got a dog tomorrow, I would name it: Pistachio

Favourite thing to listen to: 'Afternoon Drive' on JazzFM91

Favorite drink: Double shot of Irish whiskey, on the rocks

InDesign or Illustrator?: InDesign - I'm a big fan of text layout design

I wish I had invented: Cellophane 3D glasses

Latest and greatest discovery: Vinyl record turntable